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In 1874, Christian Freiburghaus founded the first funeral home and furniture store in Elgin, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Freiburghaus continued running these two businesses until their son-in-law, Fred Muehlethaler bought the funeral home. Mr. and Mrs. Muehlethaler changed the name to Meuhlethaler Funeral Home. Their twin sons, Clarence and Lorence Muehlethaler bought the family business and continued running the funeral home and furniture store. In 1951, Clarence and Lorence saw a need for a new funeral home that could better serve the needs of the people in Elgin and the surrounding area. They built a new funeral home south of the old funeral home site. This is the same location we operate out of at the present time.

In 1982 the Muehlethaler Funeral Home was sold to Brian and Margaret Leonard. Brian and Margaret continued to serve the community with dignity and respect. They carried on the great tradition that has been associated with this funeral home over the years. In the fall of 2000, Joshua and Annette Grau moved back to the area to start working with Brian and Margaret Leonard. They worked together in Elkader, Elgin and Monona. In 2008, Joshua and Annette Grau purchased the Leonard Funeral Home in Elgin, Iowa. Together with Brian and Margaret, they will continue to provide quality and caring service to the families they serve at the Leonard - Grau Funeral Home.

 The original horse drawn hearse used by the Freiburghaus &
Muehlethaler Funeral Home

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