Schutte - Grau Funeral Home
214 E. Tilden Street
Postville, Iowa 52162


Schutte Funeral Home has been in existence for 107 years. It began with Louis Schutte who was born near Postville, Iowa. In 1917, Jim Harris the local “undertaker” offered Louis partnership in the funeral home and he accepted the offer. In the mid-1920’s, Louis purchased the business from Jim Harris. In 1941, Louis built a new funeral home that was attached to his home in Postville. This location is the present location of the Schutte - Grau Funeral Home.

Louis’ two sons, Willard and Paul, completed their education and mortuary school and came back to Postville, to help with the family business. The name was then changed to “Louis Schutte and Sons”. In 1956, Paul opened his own LP Gas Company and left the family business. In 1959, David and Karen Schutte were married and in 1968, they purchased the family funeral home. Louis passed away in 1968 and Willard passed away in 1969.

Joshua and Annette Grau became managing partners of the Schutte – Grau Funeral Home in January of 2009. Together with David and Karen, they will continue to provide quality and caring service to the families they serve at the Schutte - Grau Funeral Home.



Louis Schuttte

Willard Schutte

Paul Schutte

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